Saturday, 10 December 2011

This has been feeling like a very long week!!  I went down with a dreadful cough, and hacked and hacked my way through the training sessions...  it was very tempting to just not bother going, and, honestly, if I'd have been dealing with sick or elderly people, I wouldn't have gone.. 

By yesterday, I knew I had to go to the doctor... and he prescribed me antibiotics.. so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.  Today I'm just very ugh, with the cold part of this coming out big time..  oh well, it's just that time of year, I suppose.  :)

The fire is going beautifully in the dining room...which is actually a walk through from the living room.. and I've been sitting by it a lot, toasting my hands and feet, and feeling so cozy it's unbelievable!!  :)

Now, I'm sitting here, with the computer on my lap, and the telly is on... and poor little old Miss Marple is being threatened with death by a villainous man... 

Such domestic joys!!


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Too busy living to blog!

I know... I suppose I've been missing in action a bit here.  But I'm fine.  Very busy the last couple of days though.  I have a job!!  That's the big news..and on Monday I'm starting my week of training.  And also, I got a car!  Well, it will actually be on the driveway on Monday, but it's mine...

Then I've been busy stitching... trying to work on my own cross stitch picture... also trying to get an oriental lady done for my niece for Christmas..and also working on little knitted teddy bears for gifts...  lots of pictures will follow..

And the picture is of the village Christmas Tree in Milford.  They turned on the lights yesterday evening....well, ok, so Penelope Keith turned the lights on actually.  At least she did lead the countdown!  :)  The local Vicar, Priest and the Pastor from my Church led some prayers, and our worship team led the crowd in carol singing.  After all the lights were on, we all went inside for mulled wine and mince pies...there were so many people in the hall that I'm sure the walls were heaving!!!  :)

Today, I was off to a couple of little craft fairs with my mother.  There were also little second hand stalls, and I got some china thimbles..a cookie jar, and a cute basket... will take photos of those things too. 

So much to do. And yet so little time!

Life is so good!! 

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Starting off the Christmas Season

It's been a very busy few days for me.  I have been for an interview at a large department store in the town close by...and have a temporary job working in their coffee shop until the New Year.  It'll be tiring...that place is SO busy, but it is a job, and God has blessed me with it, so I will endure!  :)  Tomorrow I also have an interview for a permanent job. This one would be right up my alley, to be honest.  Caring for the elderly, in their homes.  So, pray for me, and I'll report back to you!

Other than that, life continues on quietly here.  Yesterday was Clean Sheets Day for me...I just love fresh sheets and pillowcases..and I loved how the pillows and bed looked was so inviting, and I slept like a baby last night!

As the title of this post indicated, the Christmas Season is beginning in this area!  My parents and I went into town yesterday, to watch the Christmas lights being turned on.  I have never seen so many people in the High was just HEAVING!!  :)  This first picture is of the Pepperpot, without the lights on, but if you look carefully, you can see Peppa Pig looking out of the window. 
And here is the Pepperpot with the same celebrity pig, :), after the lights had been turned on.  Of course, the Pepperpot is not the only building with lights.  The lovely icicle lights stretch all the way down the High Street, with little trees dotted here and there, and then also down Church Street, all the way down to the Parish Church.  It's just beautiful.
The Mayor and the Parish Vicar also turned out for the occasion, and once the lights went on, they led us, with the town band, and the Church choir in some carol singing.  Oh...and before the lights, there was a Christmas crafts and gifts fayre.  I actually bought two very lovely little rings... very cheaply...but oh, so pretty!  Maybe my Christmas gift to myself, just a little early?


Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Visiting, acorns, jobs, and chatter!

Yesterday, my parents and I went to visit my brother and sister in law at their home near Portsmouth.   It took almost an hour each way...and I have to admit that after a little while I sat in the back seat, yawning, and fighting to keep my eyes open.  I just don't know what was wrong with me...came over soooo tired.  And also had a dreadful headache for a lot of the day.  But that didn't stop me from enjoying the time with family.  My brother's family live in a very pleasant 3 bedroomed house..which also has a nice little garden, which I'd love!  Maybe one day I'll be fortunate enough to have a place like that.  In the meantime, I will ... I WILL.... be content, with my little corner of the world, which I can make a happy and cosy place for people to be in...even if my corner is still my parents' spare room.... 

This is not one of my proudest photographic moments, but here you see, laid out on the dining room floor, three strands of 67 acorns each.  It couldn't have worked out better.. there was a total of 201 acorns, all drilled and ready to even 67 for each rope.  Wonderful.  Hopefully, tomorrow I'll have a little time to start painting them...  I'll keep the pictures coming....

In other news, well, I'm still applying for jobs left, right and centre.  Had another rejection today.  But that's ok, I'm not discouraged.  I just know God has a job for me, and has already stamped my name on it.  So it'll happen.  And when it does, I'll be saving money madly, so that I'll be able to get my own little flat!
:) x

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Communication in the kitchen? :)

I joined the ranks of cell phone owners!  I wanted to have my own phone number again, so on Friday when I was in Guildford, I went into the phone shop to get a contract phone.  Except that I couldn't get one, because at this time I have no credit rating in this country.  Yet another drawback of having been abroad for so many years.  But there's always a way around a problem...this time the answer was to get a Pay As You Go Phone.  And here it is.  Now, I just have to get my number known, and people might call me!  :)  I had a cell phone in the USA.  It began reluctantly, mainly because I felt safer if I had to be out late at night in the car, you know?  And then I ended up getting rid of my landline...and so, it seemed very odd for me to be phoneless when I first got here.  It's a nice little gadget. 
While I was in the kitchen, I was on the phone with a friend of mine... he called on the regular phone... it was so nice to talk to him.  Way back when, we had dated for a while, and although that didn't work out, I ended up  introducing him to one of my friends, and to cut a long story short, my dear friends have been married now for over 20 years.  :)
I was in the kitchen for a good few hours today... tomorrow my brother, sister in law and their children are coming up to visit.  So I made more of those scrummy peanut butter cookies, and also some of these rather nice chocolate chip cookies.  This is only a part of the batch!  And the recipe will be posted for you too.  I do love to bake!!  And it's so wonderful to know that what you make is enjoyed by everyone!  :)  That was one thing my friend said to me when we were chatting... well, I said I had to put the phone down for a couple of seconds, just to get the cookies out before they burned....  and he said that just for that particular sentence, I sounded VERY AMERICAN!!!  His emphasis...not mine!  :)  Oh well... really doesn't matter how you sound when you cook, as long as you end up with a good result, and remember to clean up after yourself, huh?

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Swimming Club Champs!

My niece, whose back you are looking at, swims in the local club.  And they are in the middle of "Champs" right now.  She was desperate for her aunt to be there, so there I went!  It was great.  Bless her heart...I was so proud of her.  She won her heat for the 50 metres butterfly, and did very well with her 100 metres backstroke.
The top she's wearing is what the kids fondly refer to as their "teabags".  And on them, you can see the badges for the awards she has earned.  Her mother doesn't enjoy the sewing...maybe I'll take over the job for her?  We'll see.
In this next picture, she's wearing the blue cap, and is getting ready to launch off for the 'fly.
And this picture is what you get if you try to take a photo of your niece in the water!  HA.  She really does move it!  She has two new Personal Best times now, in both backstroke and fly.
Way to go, my girl!  I love my niece! 

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wednesday's Walk

D'ya know, sometimes I have awful pain.  And I hate to say this, but today was one of those days.  I woke up with an awful headache, and then the pain became a general ache in my limbs, and it ended with a quite debilitating weakness in my right hand.  It's not a new thing.  I don't know what causes's really just a nuisance!  So, when I woke with that headache, I just decided to take pain killers straight away, then eat, then shower and dress.  And then I thought I'd take a quiet little stroll around the block by myself.  I didn't even bother to take the camera with me, which is VERY unusual for me...I just wanted to have a stroll in the fresh November air, by myself, to clear my head and be quiet with the Lord for a bit.  It did help.

I loved looking at the cottages... there's an abundance of  lovely names for houses over here:  Rose Tree Cottage, Ivy Cottage, Rosie Cottage, Snail Cottage, and then also houses called Tumble Trees (I hope their trees didn't tumble in order for the house to be called that), Primula, Bryony, Erica, Spinners... oh, lots of names.  I'd love to live in any one of these beautiful little homes... 

There's TWO post boxes on the block.  One has ER on it...for Queen Elizabeth, of course.... the other has VR ...for Victoria, so you can tell how long that box has been there.  There's a phone box...also there's a lovely house with a garage jutting out from the front.  I wouldn't mention it, except for the fact that the owners have stood statuettes of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs on the top of the garage.  

Lovely walk really.  I enjoyed it...and I admit that I talked away to the Lord while I walked too.  I have my times when I sit and pray "properly".  Of course I do.  But at random times during the day, I just talk to Him.  Just like I would to you.  It's not, I hope, an irreverent thing to do.  It's just that He's my Friend, and I chatter....

When I got back to our lane, I noticed some things outside of our neighbour's front door, with a sign saying Free: help yourself. 

So, I went to have a look...  and see what I got today?  I just love this basket!  It had my name on it from the moment I saw it!  Just my style!
And I promise I wasn't greedy...I didn't take all that I saw, but I did take these two videos too.  My thought is that when my nieces and nephews come to visit, they may enjoy them...and if they do watch, then their Aunty will also watch quite happily!

Don't you just love how gifts seem to drop into your lap sometimes?

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Visiting the town and the library

My Dad had to go to see the doctor today...Mum went along too.  Well, he's just been told he has to go on insulin, you see, so they were having a lesson (for want of a better word) on how to give the injections.  I didn't need to go...I've got a background in nursing, so that's why.  And Mum is with it enough to get all the information needed.  If it was just Dad going on his own, it would be a different story.  We think he is in the early stages of dementia... another good reason for my coming home at this time.  I want to be able to spend time with him, before he gets worse and "slips away" from us. 

That was a slightly sad paragraph, wasn't it?  But it's all a part of my life.

Anyway, I did take a ride into town with them, and strolled around the town alone for a little while.  It's such a cute little town..cobbled streets...little sweet shops, flower shops, lots and lots of charity shops, supporting such causes as the Cancer Society, Barnado's Children's Homes, Age Concern, Oxfam... and there is also a wonderful charity shop which sells nothing but books.  It is in aid of Mental Health.  Wonderful shop!!  Especially for someone like me who has such a passion for books!  :)

Just a few steps away from this book store is the Baptist Church.  Another building which has changed, almost beyond recognition for me.  Back in 1975, when I was saved, it was this Church that I attended.  I wanted to check out the service times, and I have all the information I need now.  So I am hoping to be able to be in service on Sunday morning.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to walk to the's just too far.  And there are no buses running on Sunday.  So, we'll leave it in God's Hands, and see what happens.  If I can't get there, there is another possibility though, which is the tiny little Gospel Hall just up the lane.  I'm sure that their service would be wonderful's just that I would like to go back to the Church where I have my roots, you know?

I also found myself in the library today.  Getting a card!  That's my card in the picture, on top of one of the two books I borrowed.  This book is a biography of Jane Austen, which I'll read along as is light reading, one is educational.. that's my story, and I'll stick to it!  :)  The second book I borrowed was by Miss Read.. "The Early Years".  I will read that one too, but my first thought was that my Mum would love to read it.  And I'm right...she dived right in!  We know each other's tastes very well! 

The library has changed so much since I was a child.  It's now MUCH smaller..there used to be two floors, with lots of study space.  But now it is just one floor.  You check out and check in your own books.  And it seems, from what I hear around town, that it is in fact in danger of being closed.  I hope that doesn't happen.  I've always loved my local libraries, on both sides of the ocean.  My library in my small town in America was wonderful.  I spent an awful lot of time there.  Before I left England 20 years ago, I spent a lot of time in the library.  And I expect I'll be there a lot again now.  I suppose Kindles and the internet generally might be causing the lack of support for the library??  I don't know..I just hope that they will not soon become a thing of the past. 

The only thing I was just a little disappointed in was this:  I truly wanted to have the card with the elephant and the pig.  I love pigs.  But no, I was not allowed to do that, because that card was only for children.  Sigh. Deeply.  I couldn't change the dear librarian's mind, not for love nor toffee!!!  So, I have a grown up card which shows a view of Ranmore Common, in Dorking. 

I wonder if wanting a child's design on my card, just really means that I'm nothing but a big kid!  LOL 


Monday, 14 November 2011

Mystery Monday (2)

So, here's the cross stitch project update photo for you!  One of my friends on Facebook knows EXACTLY what this is going to be now!  :)  Can you guys tell yet?  I'm not a fast stitcher by any means, but I do enjoy what I do.  And I do like to do as good a job with it as I can, so taking my time isn't a big issue for me.  :)
I've never had a workbasket/sewing box.  Not a real, grown up lady one!  In fact, until yesterday, I was carrying my cross stitch around in a small freezer bag.  That's so sad, isn't it?  Anyway, my mother took pity on me!  She has had this lovely sewing box for years now, but hasn't been using guess who was given this lovely gift?  Yes, me!!  I adore this sewing box.  Just love it!  :) 
...The first drawer down is where I am keeping all the little kits I have to do...note that I said "little kits"!!  My large ones are being shipped over....  I'm also keeping the current piece I'm working on in here
At the bottom there are two separate drawers, where I'm keeping odd threads, scissors, and a small piece my mother stitched, but it still needs to be mounted....
And just look how the top opens up..... I love this sooooo much!  I told my Mum yesterday that it felt as though I was having Christmas a little bit too early! 
Does having a really swish sewing box now make me a legitimate stitcher?  Naaaaaaa... anyone who stitches, whether his or her work is kept in a nice box or in a freezer bag, is a stitcher. 
But it's really a wonderful treat to have something so lovely in my possession!!
:) x

Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Simply Wonderful Sunday

We, my parents and I, had planned to go to a car boot sale this morning.  However, whether it's because it's (after all is said and done) November, or whether it was because it was Remembrance Sunday, there was no sale to go to.  But the day was just wonderful, nonetheless.
We ended up going to Frensham Big Pond.  A beautiful day...mild weather, with sun on the water.  My lovely Dad can't make it around the pond anymore, since he had a mild stroke earlier this year.  But he was content to sit for a while, while Mum and I walked.  I'm turning into a photographic freak, I think.  There was a grand total of 40 pictures taken by me, during the space of one hours' walk!  :)  I won't be sharing all of them with you, so don't worry!  Here's just a small sampling though. :)

Can there be any doubt as to what message the duck was trying to send me?  LOL  Beautiful picture of his bum, huh?  :)

And our walk was finished by having a cup of tea, and a bacon roll at the refreshment stand, and then by having a browse around the garden centre, just a short distance from the pond.


Mum, Dad and I are even planning a camping trip when the weather is warm enough again next year.  We all love camping.  But since the stroke, my Mum hadn't been able to put the tent up on her own - Dad wasn't able to help.  And it's been one of their sadnesses.  Now I'm around though, and will be able to help get the tent pitched, and do some of the heavier this plan seems like it's a go at the moment!  I'm really happy about it, and looking forward to the prospect!

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Super Saturday!

Don't you just love Saturdays, when the alarm doesn't have to be set, and you don't have to be anywhere at any set time?  I do.  Of course, I was up and about before the time on the clock, but I truly didn't wake today until about 10 am.  And then, as I laid blankly gazing at the clock, I found myself watching the second hand go around and around, ticking away a few more minutes of my life.  And it struck me that so many of us just go through life in a bit of a daze..a stupor... and before we know it, we're on our deathbeds, with more regrets than we wanted, and a life of wasted moments behind us.  Very deep thoughts, I know.  But it did spur me on to make the most of my day!  I wrote a list of the things I wanted to get done...not all of the list is accomplished, but a fair deal of it is.  We just need to do what we can with what time we have, for sure.

This afternoon, with that in mind, and knowing that the winter will get colder, and walks will not always be possible, I went for a ramble with my mother.  Took the camera along, so you could all walk with us.  This is the pathway we took...  beautifully quiet in this spot on Witley Common.  We saw a few people walking their dogs..but most of the time we were alone. 
I just loved the gorse.  It's a prickly plant, for sure...but such a pleasant splash of colour when the leaves are all dying, and the year is drawing to a close.
At the top of the hill, there is a little seat, where we sat for a while to just enjoy the peacefulness.  As we sat there, these three riders and their wonderful, beautiful, HUGE horses came cantering up the hill, and past us.  When they got to us, they slowed to a trot, and we all said Hello, Good Afternoon, as normal as you like!  In all the time I spent in the USA, I was never just out walking, and seeing horses and their riders like this.  Another lovely English thing.  :)
After the horses went by, I aimed my camera out from our seat, through another gorse bush... I think this picture is just lovely.  Some parts are in focus...some aren't.  I'm pleased with it...and feel quite artistic!  :)
The other splashes of colour today were from the abundance of red toadstools we saw!  Pretty things, but poisonous!  Don't mess with red ones!!  :)
I hope your Saturday has been full.  And happy. 

Friday, 11 November 2011

Never Forget Friday

Speaks for itself really.  Armistace Day.  On the 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month.  Two minutes this morning, for everyone to stop, and remember those who served and died defending the country. 

I can't think of any other country where everything and everyone just stops for two minutes.  Totally stops.  No cars moving.  No tills operating in the stores.  No pedestrians walking.  Just thought and respect.

We shall not forget,
We will remember them.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Thursday At The Market

It's been years since I have been to a good old fashioned market.  Just years.  Before I left to live in the States, there was a market at Slyfield, on a Wednesday.  That is now a thing of the past.  But, there is still a market in Godalming on Friday, and also there is this market in Cranleigh on Thursdays.  I loved it.  Not a large market, by any standards, but there was the fish stand, meat stand, a fella selling Indian food, yarn, greeting cards, you name it.  I took these photos while sitting having a soda and a hotdog.  :)

I love flowers, shrubs and so on.  If I had my own garden to buy for right now, I know I would have come home today with something living!  There's nothing like getting dirt under your fingernails!
A closer view of the fish stand.  I'm sure people may have been wondering what this strange woman with the slight American "twang" was doing with her camera!!  Oh, the smells were just lovely!! 
Turn around and look in the other direction, and this is what we saw.  Looks like quite the social gathering, don't you think?  :)

See you tomorrow!  :) x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

It's been a Wordy Wednesday!

Why has it been a wordy day, do I hear you ask?  :)  Well, because I have been working on my CV (Resume) this morning, and getting it up to date and ready to send out here, there and everywhere, and also because I plan to talk and show books today!
After finishing up this computer work, it was a quietish afternoon, spent in the tool shed again, drilling more holes into more acorns.  This is the view of the house from the shed!  It's a lovely little bungalow. 

Do you have many books waiting by your bed to be read?  I really didn't have that many RIGHT NOW!  Only because my books are all in boxes, on a steamer ship somewhere, being shipped over here!  But books are most definitely one of my passions.  Now, I am not a speed reader...I do tend to take my time and enjoy what I read.  And no, I don't have one of the lovely posh Kindle things.  But still, a book is a book, however you get to read it.  It's wonderful, I think, how words, stringed together into sentences, can transport you away into their webs of intrigue and mystery, romance or fantasy!  The pile I have now by my bed includes
two books which my sister has lent to me.  And of course, the best book in this pile is The Bible.  No doubt.
First of all though, I have this book on the go.  So far I'm finding it to be a brilliant read!  Wicked good!!  :)  I bought it from the Salvation Army store right before I left the States, as my "Plane Book" ...a very good purchase for 47 cents!!!
What are you reading?  Whatever it is, I hope you're enjoying it!  And aren't we all thankful for the teachers and patient parents who taught us all to read, write and ...well, ok,  type!!!!!!!!!
Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Tuesday in the Tool Shed

Remember those acorns I went out to gather yesterday?  Well, today they started their journey towards becoming Christmas tree garlands!  Of course, the fact that acorns and drills are mentioned in the same sentence is enough to scare any DIY enthusiast! 
This picture is of the acorns, of course, freshly washed, and drying out on a tray in the kitchen. 
And this drill, is what I ended up playing with!  Haven't ever commandered my father's drill before...he was certainly a little worried!
Pop each acorn into the vice - holder thingamabob on the workbench...not too tight, else it'd explode!  :)
And pow...drill a nice little hole through the poor nut! 
And this last picture for today is just showing how each acorn might look once painted with either silver or gold metallic spray paint, or a bright red paint...   of course, this particular paint job was just a tester...and I'll be sure to keep adding photos as this project progresses. 
For now, though, I admit to looking forward to a quiet evening, and to picking up my stitching.  I'm feeling just a little discomfort abdominally...slightly disconcerting, because I've had surgery recently.  But rest will fix the problem, I'm sure.
See you tomorrow.

Monday, 7 November 2011

A Monday Mystery for you to Ponder!

I love to do needlework of many kinds.  Right now I am working on a sweet little cross stitch.  And this is your mystery for this week!  :)  What do you think this will be?  Of course I know..and of course, as part of 'the game', I'm not going to tell you!  As it progresses, there'll be more photographs, and gradually things will become clearer.
We (my parents and I) have had a busy-ish morning.  I had to go to the doctor earlier on..nothing too serious, just a check of the asthma, and I needed to get new prescriptions for my inhalers.  After being away from home for so long, it was interesting to see how the NHS GP surgeries have changed.  Basically nothing is too different, except for computers, of course, and the names of the doctors have changed, as most of the guys I knew back in the day have retired now.    Came home after finishing up in the pharmacy, and then 'attacked' the important tasks of drinking tea and eating toast!  And then I was just going to take a little walk on my own to collect acorns.  I have a wonderfully crafty idea, involving acorns, drills, spray paint and beads..  I promise to take pictures and show you how it all pans out.  Anyway, my Mum and Dad decided to come along with me on the collecting expedition...I'm glad my Dad used his walking stick..he is a little unsteady on his feet these days, and it was certainly not flat surfaces we were walking on.  We got a lovely bag of acorns - Dad pointed out a lot, and Mum and I collected.  This picture is of my parents walking ahead of me....
And this picture of the beautiful holly and berries is why my parents were ahead of me!  LOL  I'm feeling very pleased with this photo..even thinking of using it for my Christmas cards this year.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Recipe for the Peanut Butter Cookies

Just in case you are suddenly overcome with inspiration to join me in the kitchen!  :)

You will need:  
 6 oz butter can use margarine, but the dough may be softer, and not formable - no problem though, just make them as drop cookies, which is what I did earlier on.
2 oz peanut butter - crunchy or smooth..whatever you prefer
4 oz granulated sugar
4 oz brown sugar
1 egg
5 oz flour

Mix the butter, peanut butter, and sugars together...beat until nice and smooth.  Add the egg.  And then the flour.

If your dough is turning out formable, make little balls, roll them in sugar, place on ungreased cookie sheet, and press tines of a fork onto them for a cute little pattern.
If it's not formable, then do as I said above..and you can sprinkle a little sugar on them still.

Bake for about 10 minutes or so in an oven heated to Gas Mark 5.

Sooo good!!

Sunday's Scribbles

Well, here goes very little!  I won't say "Nothing", because every life is "Something".  But, for sure, I don't have any great ideas of becoming one of the world's best blogging personalities.  Although wouldn't it be lovely to have a few people reading the silliness I write? 

I expect you've realized that my real name is not Madge, but I will tell you that the first letter of my name is 'M'.  Yes, I do live near to Godalming, in Surrey, England.  And yes, I was truthful when I said I'm middle aged.  And yes, I have been making some MAJOR changes in my life.

The biggest change is this:  I have moved back to my home country after having spent 20 years in the United States.  I had lived between Allentown and Reading, in Pennsylvania.  It wasn't that everything was bad and horrid over there, you have to understand.  A lot of my reasons for coming home are family - my parents are both still living, and I do want to spend time with them before the inevitable happens. 

Health is also an issue..asthma, and three large abdominal surgeries in the past 18 months were a contributing factor to my move.  I am starting to feel hugely better now, but I am quite aware that my stamina and energy has to be rebuilt, so every day I've been trying to take at least a short walk.

When I arrived home last Monday, I found some gifts waiting for me here...this little plant was the first.  I've named him James Jade.  I do love houseplants.  It nearly broke my heart to leave my garden, and plants to be honest.  So to know I've started again is A Good Thing.  As Martha Stewart would say in the USA.

This little fella is another of the gifts waiting for me....I named him Guy, in honour of Guy Fawkes, of course.  Such a cute teddy....and of course a girl, of any age, can never have too many teddies.....
And another plant...this one I have named Wendy.  She is a Wandering Jew.  Right now, because of course, I do not have my own home yet, and am staying with my parents in Witley, they are living on the window sill in the kitchen, enjoying the November daylight during the light hours...and being spoken to by me, when I am out there washing dishes, doing laundry, or making tea...or food...or whatever!
Flowers.  Another beautiful thing that any girl cannot have enough of.  Quite frankly, I was spoiled with flowers, plants and teddies when I arrived.  Even when I left the USA I was showered with cards, and flowers and gifts...I shall have to show pictures of those flowers perhaps.
This afternoon I just felt fidgety.  I love my parents dearly, but I really cannot just sit around like them.  Obviously, this is because they are that much older than I am.  But still...  it's probably a good job that I don't plan to live with them long term.  I'm only 49 ....don't want to start acting like I'm 79 though!  :)

Anyway, this is what happens when I get fidgety.  :)  Peanut butter cookies.  Easy recipe....beautifully tasty.  Not recommended for anyone who is trying to lose weight!  Or diabetics!  My Dad is a sister is trying to lose weight...between them they have eaten an awful lot of cookies!