Saturday, 10 December 2011

This has been feeling like a very long week!!  I went down with a dreadful cough, and hacked and hacked my way through the training sessions...  it was very tempting to just not bother going, and, honestly, if I'd have been dealing with sick or elderly people, I wouldn't have gone.. 

By yesterday, I knew I had to go to the doctor... and he prescribed me antibiotics.. so hopefully I'll be feeling better soon.  Today I'm just very ugh, with the cold part of this coming out big time..  oh well, it's just that time of year, I suppose.  :)

The fire is going beautifully in the dining room...which is actually a walk through from the living room.. and I've been sitting by it a lot, toasting my hands and feet, and feeling so cozy it's unbelievable!!  :)

Now, I'm sitting here, with the computer on my lap, and the telly is on... and poor little old Miss Marple is being threatened with death by a villainous man... 

Such domestic joys!!


Saturday, 3 December 2011

Too busy living to blog!

I know... I suppose I've been missing in action a bit here.  But I'm fine.  Very busy the last couple of days though.  I have a job!!  That's the big news..and on Monday I'm starting my week of training.  And also, I got a car!  Well, it will actually be on the driveway on Monday, but it's mine...

Then I've been busy stitching... trying to work on my own cross stitch picture... also trying to get an oriental lady done for my niece for Christmas..and also working on little knitted teddy bears for gifts...  lots of pictures will follow..

And the picture is of the village Christmas Tree in Milford.  They turned on the lights yesterday evening....well, ok, so Penelope Keith turned the lights on actually.  At least she did lead the countdown!  :)  The local Vicar, Priest and the Pastor from my Church led some prayers, and our worship team led the crowd in carol singing.  After all the lights were on, we all went inside for mulled wine and mince pies...there were so many people in the hall that I'm sure the walls were heaving!!!  :)

Today, I was off to a couple of little craft fairs with my mother.  There were also little second hand stalls, and I got some china thimbles..a cookie jar, and a cute basket... will take photos of those things too. 

So much to do. And yet so little time!

Life is so good!!