Thursday, 9 February 2012

Snowy weekend at home!

Life continues on...busy with work - too busy sometimes with at least one 14 hour day a week...but I'm still grateful to be working, and still enjoying the type of work I do. 

Last Saturday, after I'd finished up my last call, I went to my sister's place...yep, of course I went to see her, but also she's storing the boxes of my things for me in her garage, until I get my own, THAT'S taking way too long for me at this point..I'm horribly impatient now about getting my own kitchen.  I am on the lists of several estate agents, who send me info about flats which come up for of them I loved, the price was right, and it wasn't too far from here..just over the county line in Bordon.  Problem was that it's on the second floor, and no lift.  So all it would take is a painful day, or a bad asthma day, and I'm up a gumtree.  :(   And therefore, the search continues. 

Searching for particular items amongst the boxes is much easier though..I already found my thimbles.  I started collecting china thimbles years ago, when I was in my early teens.  Oh yeah..YEARS AGO!  :)  The very first thimble came from Jamaica Inn in Cornwall..and now it's just one of those things.  Everyone knows they can't go wrong getting me something piggish, or thimble-ish, knitting-ish or cross stitching-ish!   There is a hook in the room which is my bedroom at the moment, and so the thimbles are now on display, and it's so nice, I do have to say, to have something of "mine" hanging up..  the rack came from an Antiques Sale in took a bit of work to clean up this printers tray, but it's so well worth it...

The other thing which is sort of important to me is this guitar...all wrapped up in brown paper, with a good layer of white paper under the brown.  I paid £40 for this back in the 70's, second hand, and this is the 6 string I learned on...haven't played a lot lately, but maybe I'll get back into it now... no excuses not to...and I've found that there is a guitar repair/supplies shop right opposite the "homebase" I work from, so new strings and wotnot will be so readily available.
It started snowing on Saturday while I was bringing my things in from the car...and this is what we woke up to on Sunday morning...cold, brutally cold (in my opinion) but very pretty...this is the view from the kitchen window, with the houseplants indoors probably feeling very smug!
And this is from the patio door in the lounge..same garden, slightly different view.
This one was taken just for giggles.. zoomed in on the trees and the snow on the bare branches. 
Spring is coming though...I've seen some little crocuses trying to pop their heads up out of the ground...not long, people!

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