Sunday, 12 February 2012

Keeping busy,,,,, :)

This is pretty much a "nothing" sort of post really...just it pleases me to do it!  :)  I'm not much for this cold weather...don't like to go out running or walking or anythinging in it..and it takes nothing for my feet to be cold.  But, I've got the knack of warming them up!  Hot water bottle..feet on top of it, and cushion on top of them... 
So, that takes care of the feet...but then you have to keep your hands busy and moving, don't you?  And this is what I'm working on now.  I'm trying to knit from my stash right now, and that'll mean I save some money, have more space in my yarn box, and get some nice items made as well!  This top is from a magazine...and I'm doing it with a couple of adjustments..not difficult or overly clever ones, but I like more long line tops, and I think I'm going to change the eyelet row a bit.. 
This is how the back looked a couple or so nights's knitting up nice ...   It's almost like a type of meditation for me - the process of knitting, I mean.  Without some time spent every day knitting or sewing or whatever, I think I might get a bit too tense.... 
This last picture is one I took on Friday morning... we had more snow on Thursday evening/night... and I just thought this was nice... twigs, snow and a couple of red berries.  Getting artistic in my old age, I guess!

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