Saturday, 7 January 2012

Christmas...just a couple of weeks late!

If you're reading this, and on a dial up connection, I should apologize..this post is particularly picture heavy, I suppose!  But I wanted to show you a little bit of my first Christmas back in England, with family, in 20 years!

These first two pictures show you the evergreen arrangements which Mum and I made to hang under the two windows in the front of the house.

We took a walk in the woods just up the road, to find the holly berries and the icy which we also used.  Guess the only thing missing was the mistletoe!  :) 
This is the tree which was in the Parish Church.  The lights had not yet been turned on when I took this picture...the Christmas Eve service was lovely...they dimmed all of the electric lights, and then turned the lights on the tree, symbolic of the light which Jesus brought to the earth when He was born.
And this is the main aisle of the church..looking towards the altar from the entrance way...I just loved the beautiful evergreens, and the candles..just lovely...
This is the mantlepiece in our lounge.. the little snowmen and the nativity, and the Father Christmas, and angels are all hand knitted...
By Christmas Eve there were a whole lovely lot of presents under the tree...and my computer was there too, being charged up!
There were even gifts in envelopes ON our tree!  Lots of gift certificates and money in envelopes for us!  Such lucky and blessed people!
The dining room mantlepiece.  Can you see the acorn garland?  And the snowmen on the left, and the trees on the right were made by my father, on his wood lathe...he says he may teach me wood turning this year, so stand by for more craftiness from me!
The Christmas Pudding.  I wish I'd remembered to turn off the flash on my camera...because then you'd have been able to see the blue brandy flames dancing around it!  It tasted great with the brandy butter....
And, finally, but not because it's least important...our Nativity scene.  Because This Is What Christmas Is All About!
:) x

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