Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Spring has sprung..time to go out and play!

I love to garden!  One of the things which made me shed a tear or two, when I left the States, was to leave my garden behind, and give away my potted plants.  So, when these old bottoms of rabbit hutches were finding their way to my parent's trash pile, I nabbed them!  With permission, of course! :)  I've been "given" the patio area to work on, and do my own thing, basically.  So far, everything I've done has been given the seal of parental approval.  Drilled some holes in the bottom of the two containers (no longer hutches :) ), for drainage..and put newspaper on the bottom...

...yes, this is another use for the versatile Surrey Advertiser.  Oh, if only the intrepid reporters and editors knew what I was up to with last week's edition  LOL ...
And then off to the compost pile.. it took about 4 buckets for me to get all of the stuff I needed..good homemade compost from my parent's garden..better than buying it, huh?

Yeah, I know I'm pathetic with all the photos, but it keeps me off the streets and out of mischief!  Obviously this is the compost going into the bottom of my containers...
At this point I went to the garden centers for grow bags, and some plants..and seeds. 
This is what my biggest container now looks like.. a curry plant at the back, on the left..chives in the middle, and a chocolate mint plant on the right.  Violas in the front.

This container has lupins, something which my mother calls "grandmother's bonnet" and primroses in the front.
I'll have to keep updating the progress of these pots.. I have calendula and marigold seeds in the two troughs..the middle pot has lavender. (Note to self:  sweep up under the bench tomorrow)

Had to take a trip out to the office at the "nearly done" stage..and came home to find that Dad had put this little dog in my tray, near to the primroses.  Cute, huh?

This nifty little thing I plan to put busy lizzies in..once the fear of frost is gone.  My aunt and uncle are moving soon, and are sorting out all their belongings..that's another story altogether!  I mean, they've lived in their current house for 52 years...oh yeah.. they've got STUFF to sort out!  But this is one of the little treasures I have had passed on to me.  (Thanks J and V)

I'm just so impatient really to see the seeds all come up.  The last one has globe carrot seeds in it. 

I've just had a perfect couple of days doing this...the sun has been shining, the birds have been singing ...there's even been a woodpecker doing his thing!  I've caught the sun a bit..hoping to go brown bit by bit this year!
And I just feel so calm after working outside..nothing like shoving your hands into a bit of dirt!
Sorry for all the photos, if it's made things hard and long winded to load..I just love playing with the camera too much, and I guess I get carried away!

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